This is the application form to receive SAM endorsement/approval for your course/program.

This application will be valid for one year after submission and if approved has to be renewed on a yearly basis.  The complete form must be submitted at least 4 months in advance of the meeting date. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for review by the SAM leadership.

*Please note that no SAM logo can be used in any way on the program or meeting website without approval. If your meeting is endorsed, you will be receiving an official SAM logo to use for your meeting.
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There is now a formal application process to receive SAM endorsement/approval of meetings or courses. Please note that the SAM logo CANNOT be used in any way on a program or meeting website without this formal approval. 
1-Airway course or workshop based globally.
2- Submission of the course/workshop program for review by the SAM Board of Directors
3-SAM BOD member to participate in first course to observe. It is also essential that for SAM Approved course, the course organizer be a SAM member as well as include a SAM member as a faculty course participant.

Benefits of SAM endorsement:

Course/program providers may use the SAM logo on meeting brochures and meeting website
● Course/program providers may advertise the course stating the ‘course is approved by the Society for Airway Management’.
● SAM approved courses/programs will be listed on the SAM website.

*Disclaimer: While SAM supports local, regional and national airway courses, the content and organization of the course/program is the sole responsibility of the organizers.

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Once SAM reviews this form, a decision for endorsement will be submitted to the organizers and if approved will be posted to the Calendar of Meetings on the web.
Thank you, for your interest in SAM endorsement
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